Image Credit: ESO
2nd ENGRAVE collaboration meeting
INAF Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory

2nd ENGRAVE collaboration meeting

The second ENGRAVE all-hands meeting was held from 12-14th November 2018 at the INAF Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory, Naples, under beautiful blue skies and the shadow of Vesuvius.

We thank the local organisers led by Maria Teresa Boticella, Aniello Grado and their team of Fabio Ragosta, Pietro Schipani, A. Di Dato, M.T. Fulco, A. Maiorica and R. Aiello.

ENGRAVE thanks GRAWITA and Instituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) for their generous support of the meeting, and to the Director of Capodimonte Marcella Marconi for hosting us.