engrave data
Image Credit: ESO

All ESO data will be released according to the ENGRAVE data release policies.

The data release policy of ENGRAVE is that when an ENGRAVE paper is PUBLISHED in a refereed journal, all reduced and raw data will be made fully public, for example through ESO Science Archive Facility, the ENGRAVE website, WISeREP, and/or other suitable public repository.

ENGRAVE members have access to all VLT data when they are taken, however strict rules apply as to when an ENGRAVE member can share and work with data outside the collaboration.

Any publications that use ENGRAVE data should carry the standard ESO acknowledgement, and should cite the ENGRAVE paper in which the data were first presented and released:

Based on observations collected by the ENGRAVE collaboration at the European Southern Observatory under ESO programmes 1102.D-0353, 0102.D-0348, 0102.D-0350

Data Release

X-Shooter observed AT2017gfo nightly for 10 consecutive nights. We have fully reduced all X-Shooter spectra of AT2017gfo and calibrated them to photometry. The full dataset is publicly available to download here. We encourage the use of this dataset by all. Also, see the news article on the release of this data. The figures accompanying this article nicely illustrate the spectra and the accompanying photometry.